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I want to know what there gonna do with the next seasons... All the younger children, Arya, Bran, Tommen, etc are still growing, but there Characters only pass through a few months too maybe a year... So that worries me a little. Also the wolves, which has upset me as i would have enjoyed CGI wolves, rather than NO wolves... but i digress the wolves play a BIG part in not only Jon, and Robs life but Brans most of all. Or I wonder if they will not include the fact that the Stark children can "change skins"? Plus the battle at the Wall with the mammoths and other animals, WTH! will they do then... I'm worried this series might get ruined because HBO is trying to fit TOO much in a little time. Lets not forget GRRM has to write 3 more books, and the last book took 6 years to write? So I guess we will see?

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