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I am so sorry to see this show end. Denis Leary's dark humor has always been the way Tommy Gavin dealt with his life. Of course there were unbelievable scenes with Lou's ashes and the baby being born but I think one thing was made perfectly clear when Tommy was at the park with the children and all the rules these people had. There was no way in hell he could be just a regular guy and retire. The rush of life or death every day outweighed stupid things like sharing toys in a park. Firefighting was his calling. I agree with Brian in regards to Lou telling Tommy to go and they will be alright. I think it was in reference to 9/11 and Lou made that decision for them both. Unrealistically, how could Lou be the only one who dies in that rooftop explosion? But I think was a great opener and almost had me in tears thinking they all died but Lou until Leary opens his eyes. And when he went to the desk to write his retirement papers the devil was placed before him, alcohol. It was a great scene because I believed it at first, but so glad it turned out the way it did. He was Rescued...

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