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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 339

Callie: You got laid last night?!
Derek: of course. wait, you didn't?!
Callie: Are you kidding? She bites my head off every time I look at her..

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 326

Callie: Joe, keep the scotch! Blondie, let's go!
Arizona (thinking): Did she just called me Blondie? Whatever, we're going to have awesome sex...

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 258

Mark; Look at you! all shiny en happy, tell me, what are you thinking about? About that hot shower sex you to had last year?
Arizona; Hell yeah! And you know why? since you made her pregnant she thinks she's too fat to let me touch her!
Mark; Oh, yeah i'm sorry.. but after the baby we can have hot shower sex all together?!
Arizona; you wish Mark, then I'll end up like this!