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Grey's Anatomy Midseason Report Card: B+

My fave show on tv!! the whole Zola storyline is the only problem area i have with the show. first off Zola came from a disease ridden African village as an orphan. and 2 doctors want to parent her and are told no bc of a lovers spat = stupid! i always said to people to be a main character on this show u have to be a doctor even bailey's nurse was booted, then came henry and i liked him. as his storyline progressed (loved when he sang) i went from liking this guy to loving him and thought its weird he hasnt died considering he's not a doctor, then he showed a major interest in becomeing a doc. i then allowed myself to have hope for henry's character. well played grey's writers! also considering it took yang so long to come back from her operating on derick under the gun trauma i was disgusted with her peers allowing her to operate on henry!