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Leverage Review: "The Carnvial Job"

As a matter of fact I felt sorry for the original client. It was clear that he had no one in his live ( you don't have much of a life if you work weekdays in your company and on all days off for the last 10 years on an invention). So he really didn't know, that there are more important things. About Hardison and the Parker 2000 I've got to say, that I saw this as part of Hardison being overprotective towards Parker. Like the scene in "The Long Way Down - Job" where he suggested he go up to the mountain with Parker to protect her (As if she needed protection with Eliot on her side). So he wanted to build her something that makes her life easier. As I can tell from own experience guys tend to do this when they are in love, even if the woman is totally capable of handling the things herself. And I loved the fightscenes. Because I'm a really sick woman I've always had a thing for scenes when my favourite guy gets beaten up, but refuses to quit and wins in the end. And tomorrow I go and buy some ballons and try out the dart thing.