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i have been watching the BBC version since it began and i think we have a pretty close copy with things happening very quickly. kind of like season 1 and 2 put together. The British version only has 6 episodes per season so that could be why. Aiden's story is always painful, like any good vampire. if you saw the UK version you know what happens to "Rebbecca". it is following the plot with a few twists if we are lucky it will not change much. the UK version has had me on the edge of my bed for 3 seasons now. i love it so much. and really do like the US version. hope both stay around for a while. i feel so much for these characters (more the UK version). i dont think the US version depicted the murder of sally very well. the way the UK version made us hate him and his new girlfriend just wasnt there. the murder wasnt followed up well.