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Dexter Review: Brotherly Love

for all the fans including the reviewer.. the set up plot is not a "Debra/Dexter relationship" It is clearly about Louis, his strange fascination with serial killers and his obvious obsession with Dexter. we had to watch the next 2 eps right? Clue 1 was in ep 11, with him packaging the hand to Dexter. Clue 2, I assume will be revealed at some point in the finale. As far as the Debra thing goes.. I think its all an ellaborate ruse to get DEbra to start paying closer attention to how her brother reacts and all his disappearing. The therapist is at fault for her "realizing" those emotions.. you spill your guts to someone and they take what you say and twist it, and then you suddenly look at it differently because you trust the person you are speaking to. I honestly don't see Debra admitting her feelings for Dexter to him either. I did overall enjoy this episode, the prob is that Season 4 was just sooo good, its hard to top that. They tried really hard, bringing in a veteran actor like Olmos in attempt to fill the shoes of the Amazing Lithgow, only it just can't be done. Look at season 3, which i found by far to be the most annoying season, completely lacking, with the exception of the whole "pregnancy". I still find myself wanting to see more.. and I still really enjoy the episodes.. Im excited to see how they take down travis... what if anything is revealed about dexter..because lets face it, questions will arise as to why Dexter was chosen and depicted as "The Beast". Also i want to see if Batista's sister makes it out of this season alive.. she'd be a casualty tht i'm not ready for, i actually like her.. but she's new and therefore expendable..we will see

Dexter Review: The Trail of Travis

i got a completely different vibe from the therapy sessions.. not that deb is going to figure her brother out but that the therapist is playin head games and getting deb to think she has feelings for her step brother... i could be wrong but i feel that its going there, not just from last sundays episode, the past few. I think louis is going to figure dexter out... and its going to lead into next seasons storyline... still love watching it, but it hasnt' been as good since season 4... and how could it, that season set the bar so high its hard to surpass

Ringer Review: What's the Point?

I actually had to catch up with the last 3 eps today, i dvr'd them, and i'm stll confused. I honestly thought Gemma was dead.. I knew Charlie had her 3 eps ago, but you only see her in his basement the last ep.. or was it also in the one before that.. lol they all blended for me since i watched them all together.. Siobhan clearly has some insider info about the murder Bridget witnessed..otherwise how was it that she had Charlie/John higher a cop to help her escape to new york?... I dont think Gemma is dead... they told Andrew they found Charlie's body, not Gemma's as well... and Bridget didn't look so shooken up about her "bf" being killed at the end. Something tells me Siobhan hid Gemma away somewhere... but i could be wrong ...i do like this show and i'm left with many questions..but imdisappointed in Juliet, i don't think he raped her, i think she got rejected and reverted back to her malicious ways as payback, but we will see

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