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Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: Dan vs. Chuck

Look, the writers have been planning Dair for a long time. There was originally going to be a Serena/Dan/Blair love triangle in season 1. But then the limo scene with Blair and Chuck happened, and people liked them so much they decided to wait on the Dair.
So Chair happened, but the writers still wanted Dair. So they started making Chuck look bad so people wouldn't like Chair so much. The hotel, the glass thing...all so people would freaking get over Chair. Dair is planned for the endgame.

Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Blerena Backlash

@gemsiibear Hehe, I have to say that from the whole beginning, I was a Chair and Derena fan. But ever since 4x10 I think or so, I loved when Dan and Blair was hanging out, and now I really do like Dair. Don't get me wrong, I loved Chair from the start, but now its different. IMO, Dair is more romantic than Chair somehow. But back to topic, maybe that was Blairs dream :) I just think that there are a lot of Dair fans out there who deserves there chance to be happy. I mean, Chair had there time for 3,5 seasons.


The reason Penn doesn't cut his hair is because he is filming a movie where he is Jeff Buckley. That's why he has long hair now.

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