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The faux Ichabod called Abbie lieutenant instead of leftenant, that's how she knew he was a fake.

Castle Review: Shown the Trap Door

Excellent comment. I've got three children, one starting high school and two adult age children, one out of school and working on his own and one still in school working part time and living at home. None of them would even think about treating my wife or me like Alexis is treating her father now, especially while we were still paying most of their expenses. Castle's response shouldn't be let's get ice cream, but you're cut off. You want to live your own life and make your own mistakes, great, you do it on your own money. I also agree that it is very sad that the writers decided her character needed to devolve into the typical smart alec, disrespectful, know it all teenager for television. What's wrong with showing a responsible young adult on TV. They really do exist in the real world.

Castle Review: Pick a Side

I hated the fact that Beckett got fired, because I'm sure it will just be an excuse for for more Lady Becektt of Angst. Much better would have been for her to have seen the realtionship was more important than the job, especially given her poor fit with the job, and letting Castle know she was quitting to be with him. In other words, Beckett finally makes a sacrifice.

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