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Gossip Girl Round Table: "Carrnal Knowledge"

1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
1) dan's comment on jenny's makeup. nice going, humphrey :)
2) TOTALLY USELESS. i love blair and chuck together, but by the looks of it right they're not getting back together for a while now, so let's go nate and blair!
3) although i'm starting to really like this dan and rachel situation, rachel definitely acted inappropriately. that having been said, i hope rachel and dan end up secretly dating for a while!!
4) i really, REALLY dislike derena. i hope they are kept apart, and i think this is it for a very long time (thank god!)
5) i don't think that elle is good for chuck, she seems like a bad person and a liar. even though i love chuck, i thought that that storyline didn't make much sense and was also kind of boring.