Rufus and Lily 4ever

My favorite tv show is gossip girl and I'm a huge Rufus and Lily fan.
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Ok that could be one of the best quotes from the show. " It's not like we stay up at night braiding each others hair and having a heart to heart."

"The Wrath of Con" Sneak Preview #2

OMFG! I didn't expect them to be doing this this soon, but I like it. I'm probably the biggest fan they have. I really hope the writers don't complicate things to much.


The only thing I feel is worthy to comment on is the rufus lily proposing question. Umm duh of corse i think he should. They are obviously good together, plus we can avoid those weird rufus vanessa heart to hearts (shudder). And because Rufus is obviously going to go bankrupt because he made the stupid decision to put all his money in a company he knew nothing about, Lily can pay for Dan's tuition.

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Finale Fanfiction (Spoilers)

Incase anyone is interested i have some fanfiction at 

for the finale, hope some ones likes it. I used spoilers too.

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Lily/Rufus & Chuck/Blair Spoilers (Spoilers)

I loved Chuck and Blair last year with the forbidden love type story line.  Maybe they'll try to bring that back this now with Blair getting back with Nate.  It's way more fun to watch them together when they're supposed to be comited to someone else.  I wouldn't worry about b and c they're inevidable, I just hope they give them the good story line that they deserve

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Rufus and Lily

Yeah I know I used to like them but their on again off again stuff has just gotten annoying

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