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Jonathan Groff: Booked for Glee Return!

NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never liked Jesse gave me the creeps. Why come back to apologize when Rachel forgot him and never really cared fo him any way. He can sing but not act. No bring other characters into play not rehash the first season again. Stinks already. Shooey!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd season is pretty pathetic as it is. Thriller on were the only ones this seasn worth watching. New story lines pleeeease!!!!!!!!!!!


I give it a 2. I thought is was ugh!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't care for any of the songs.Sorry. Yes it made its message but that is all.

Glee Review: Making a Comeback!

Lelarose I LMAO when reading your feelings about comeback cuz I feel the same way. The only thing that was wonderful was the diva duet. I don't give a flip about Finn/Quinn at all. They could leave the show as far as I'm concerned. Beiber music doesn't bother me. It's the stupid plot. Now I love Artie's voice and that is all I can say about that. Rachel is back and trying to be confident and as always being shut down by even her so-called friend Mercedes which I've been wanting as a relationship since Season 2 started. She never demanded a solo What the world are the writers trying to do to Rachel demonize her still when she's broken shattered friendless and wearing her heart on her shoulders that's when they wrote Finn's comment to her at the end of the episode you should write it I think she's making a comeback. Is this the only way for Rachel to have any self-confidence is from a pathetic hypocritical loser. His actions speak for themselves. Now Corey's acting is exceptional to make Finn so much this way. I'm so disappointed also after the two of the best episodes since the pilot. Thriller and Silly Love Songs.
Please pay attention to your loyal fanbase who are not tweens thru twenties yr olds. Play classics show tunes in with the top forties like last season. I want to remain positive about Glee but my senses tell me that this is the path Glee is taking and as far as I'm concerned it is on a true nose dive.

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Top 10 Favorite Glee Characters:

Santana has made it to top of my list

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Santana sticking up for Klaine

Santana held the show to me.  She showed a different side sensitive to the gay side I like that.  Hope to see more of her and Klaine together as well.  Did you see how Karofsky backed down like a squealing puppy?  Loved her.

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More Spoilers For Tuesday!

Or has the show teased it for too long and ruined your excitement over Wemma?  Emma was almost non existent til Sexy episode.  Will was moving on thank goodness.  And this couple has been lost in the over zealous plotlines this season to the shows determination to exibit controversial topics and anthems.  The kids couple drama has taken forefront to the adults plotlines.  Will Schuester had become weak and in the background and lost the magic as a formidable and influential adult in the kids lives.  Kinda sad his character took back seat for way too long.  Now for me Emma has lost all her precious ocd oddities to being way to weird and now an unnecessary character.  There is way too much couple crap going on.  Not interesting anymore.  Besides Will hasn't sung anything or way too little.  He is so talented to waste on being a background character.  All this is JMHO.

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