How badly do you want to go up to Nate and go 'Boo, you whore'

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That's Rich: A Kurt Assessment of Glee

@Keith Vlasak Hey Keith, first of all I'm really sorry to hear about that stuff you wrote about in your post. It's absolutely horrible, and no-one deserved that. I'm glad to hear that you've got some good friends in your life too! Kurt/Karofsky - I love Glee, but the multiple storylines are sending me into a headspin. I think with the bullying storyline - unfortunately most people don't realise it's happening, unless it's a Kurt-type situation where it gets to a really extreme point which is incredibly sad. I always think Rachel gets picked on an incredible amount, and by Finn too (who is an utter dick IMO). It's not meant to be a preachy show, but I think Glee is suffering from RM syndrome (great 1st season - and then the slide begins). Bullying is wrong on ALL levels, but I do think that the audience is meant to see that bullying isn't just extremes too, and the fact that we're all talking about the other bullying that happens means we do notice it. Maybe that's the message here, to not turn a blind eye until it's too late.


It's a tie btwn Lily & Chuck for pure gold lines. Lily: What are you doing? Do you realize how gauche it is to open gifts at a party? Before dessert!
Eric: I was just so excited to have an addition to my stock portfolio. Just excellent.


DANDY YOU ARE WIN! DANdy: Probably unlimited calling, text messaging and data on his iPhone. The man lives on his phone dealing drugs for a living. It makes sense.