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I have been driven this last season to madness as I watched Juliette rip through the lives of my favorite snobs. I got hooked on this shoe immediately and for some reason she just gets beneath my skin. I am so looking forward to this next season to see what villain rises from the diamond laced streets of this overly addictive series. I have been watching it in High Def which has made all the difference for me. I was able to get Free HD through work at Dish Network and it has made this show entirely a new scandalous adventure. There is nothing like watching the likes of Nate of Dan on a 48 in HDTV; simply nothing like it.

Bass Off the Hook

I am an avid fan of Gossip Girl and I don't miss an episode. I used to have standard definition but the first time I watched Chuck Bass in High Definition I never went back. I was at a friends house and she has an HDTV, we were having a Gossip Girl night which we usually had at my house since my living conditions are a bit less busy. This night though I sat back on her couch and was exposed in full throttle to the beauty of HD and I was amazed. I happen to work for Dish Network, so I got myself an HDTV and got their free offer for free HD programming and away we go. I've not been the same since.

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