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Hi Ms. Washington! I've got a ton of questions for you. Thanks for your amazing work! 1) When did you begin to think about acting as a craft and form of storytelling instead of as a way of just entertaining people and making money? Your interviews have made me realize that acting is not just about making money. Thank you for enlightening me in that way. 2) When/how do you learn your lines? Do you cram them? Do you have someone help you? 3) Who runs kw’s krew? Is it a one-person show? I’m really fascinated by social media and its dynamics and I think your krew does an awesome job. 4) What is your favourite book genre? 5) Also please add more profiles to the “who am I?� section of your website. I think it’s really cool! 6) Last but definitely not least: I think you are an amazing actress and I love your work. Love,
A super-duper KW fan. I hope I ran into you one day. Stay blessed!

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