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Seriously i will never EVER watch Fox again! that was a stupid fcuking move on there part.... Lie To Me was the best show that they had and all the other were good to and they just decided to get rid of them?! The need to have their heads checked out because that is a big mistake!!! Don't even tell the fans that this is the final season, just get rid of it behind their backs..... D-Bags! Maybe take a second to think about what the fan want instead of yourselves!!!!

Private Practice Review: "Heaven Can Wait"

I think that the reviewer was wrong, I mean Addie is a favourite no to mention the main character on the show I mean seriously it kinda revolves around her so Duh she is going to seem self centered. All of the other characters are too you just see less of them so it doesn't seem as bad. It just makes me mad that people don't even realize that Addie forgave Nai for sleeping with Archer and she forgave Violet for sleeping with the Captian and yet because she wants to have a RELATIONSHIP with Sam everybody is saying she is a slut and is going to screw things up. Also Naiomi tried to talk to Addie about Archer too so what goes around comes around..... SERIOUSLY


I personally loved this episode! Not only because we get to see that Kate and Castle finally cannot ignore their feelings any longer, but we have many more moments like between Esposito and Ryan when they are being held captive and they still joke around. It was a great episode and kudos to the writers for a great episode and i hope there are more to come!!!!!! :D

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Season Finale: Now or Never (Spoilers)

i don;t think Izzy and Alex will get married.   i know that there are pics and all that suggest that but it said somewhere that her friends await her to pull through surgery or whatever.  i don't know about the rest of you but i wouldn't be able to walk down the ilse after extensive surgey:S


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