I do love Gossip Girl; it's a nice fix since the OC ended.
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Gossip Girl Review: Call Me Serena!

I like Blair and Chuck just as much as the next Blair and Chuck admirer. That being said, I feel this crazy nostalgia for the boy and the girl in the back of the limo, when their biggest earth shattering problem is Nate finding out. Or Chuck scheming in a swimming pool with all the other kids. Or Blair worrying about Kati and Iz going back to Serena. I understand the characters have moved on and grown up; I don't necessarily have to like what they've become. Chuck PHYSICALLY hurt Blair. Whether he meant to or not, whether she was scared or not, whether he would "never intentionally hurt Blair" does not matter at this point. His anger and rage got the best of him and Blair was caught in the crossfire. I don't know where the writers are going to go with this one, because it's going to take me a whole lot more than one grand gesture to be able to trust Chuck. NEVER have I ever shipped Dan with Blair. I feel like they are better friends, and I believe that Dan and Serena are endgame. However, right now, I feel that Dan is the only guy that deserves Blair. He hasn't pulled the stuff than Chuck has, or blamed her for Chuck hurting her like Louis, or cheated on her like Nate. Blair deserves to be with someone that loves her and will take care of her. And right now, I feel that Dan might be the only one who could do that. Or Rufus, but you know. So thanks, writers. Hope you know how to talk yourself out of this one.


georgina is back. i don't even care about anything else.

Taylor Momsen: F*%k Being a Role Model!

I can understand where Taylor Momsen is coming from. She's young, she's growing up, and she obviously had no idea what she was in for when she took the role of Jenny Humphrey, a main character on a show whose main purpose is to appeal to teens young and older. I agree that parents should be the ones telling their children what is right or isn't, but Taylor Momsen is acting indignant about a "role model" label. If you don't want to be seen as someone that young girls look up to, don't be on a show that young girls watch. It's pretty simple, actually. Taylor Momsen has chosen a career that has put her into the public eye. No one forced her to take the role on Gossip Girl, and I seriously doubt that anyone is forcing her to reap the benefits provided by the show. Therefore, she is dealing with a double edged sword; she cannot be on the show and not be expected to be appraised and judged by her merits. It's illogical. I personally am of the belief that she needs to shut her mouth about all of this. Yeah, it's a reaction to the negativity surrounding her, but it's also a slap in the face to her fans. If she doesn't want to be a role model, she should use her actions as opposed to her words. And maybe next time she joins a show as a character whose basic roots are to "be yourself", and "don't allow peer pressure to suck you under" as Jenny Humphrey was when first introduced, she will think twice about the "role model status" she will achieve.

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TV Gude spoilers (Spoilers)

I don't think that simply NOT going to university is not even an option for these people. At least, that's how it would be in real life. They would have to at least have a Bachelor's degree to do ANYTHING in life.

And here's to hoping that something interesting happens with Nate. Like, truly interesting and not just him having an affair with an older lady. If I wanted to watch Nate and Vanessa go into a candy store, or Nate and Vanessa go to the opera and love each other ~always, I would just watch my roommates and their boyfriends.

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What would make you stop watching GG?

I'm not going to go through all of these comments, but watching Chase Crawford act is just about as fun as watching this plant grow in my windowsill. Nate Archibald is even worse. At least in the book he had some sense of self and he was an asshole...CWTV Nate Archibald just seems like a flaky tool bag with no purpose. And since book Vanessa was whiney and punky and CWTV is just....there, I guess she and Nate can be worthless together.

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Blair and Dan in the school play and Chair

Perfection! Man, the OC always had great Thanksgiving episodes.

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