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YES, I've heard of DVR's, TiVo, etc., but watching in real time was BRUTAL with every kind of buy this NOW that totally required hitting the RECORD button and walking away!! Finally, I'm definitely not a script writer and give enormous kudos to Ms.Rhymes and the entire ensemble cast, however, a rescue conclusion would have left substantial ties to building new threads of existing character lives and new ones. This finale was definitely not their finest hour but like DH, I've been hooked for years and THANK GOD FOR DVR's!!! I don't want to buy a new car every 6 1/2 minutes, nor do I want to hear how you want to be ready when the 'moment' is right with Cialis ads, or the entire range of ads! WAY WAY TOO MUCH!!!


"Seriously" People... the WORST part of this finale was the #$#@$#@$@#$@$ COMMERCIALS!!! YES-

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