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I too thought this season got all outta wack. Last season was a big let down and this one stretched out thin all season with a 10 car pile up in the end. It definitely lost focus and the writers did seem to get lazy with the story line once again. The one thing I didn't quite follow was why the lab intern sent the ice truck killer prosthetic hand to Dexter and also what was it that he drew on the hand. Can someone please tell me the significance of that and why they didn't show Dexter receiving it yet? Plus whatever happened to Dexter getting his fix every episode ridding the world of it's evil inhabitants? He is supposed to be America's favorite serial killer right? And now that Deb is finally admitting to herself that she's "in love" with Dexter is that supposed to help her keep his secret even more? I saw they were renewed for season 7 and 8, looks like it could be their last.

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