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Are Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair soulmates?

how is anyone asking this question? CHUCK AND BLAIR ARE SOULMATES PEOPLE. please.

Gossip Girl Review: Backup Dan the Man

dan was the biggest douche ever in this episode. he sends out the video of chuck and blair in the hopes that louis and blair won't get married and blair will forever be mad at chuck. then he doesn't tell SERENA of all people. he's always undermining their friendship, he just can't accept that serena is a lot more important to blair than he is, no matter how much he kisses up to her. S was right: dan wants to keep blair all to himself. and he knows that that's only possible with serena and chuck out of the picture. it's just so creepy and so wrong.
and i vote the writers just stop coming up with idiotic reasons to keep chuck and blair apart and instead make blair's line "sorry chuck, we can't be together because it's not the season finale yet". it would make a hell of a lot more sense than a dowry.


and yes, i am a huge fan of mature-chuck. but there's a fine line between mature and completely passive. he should have tried harder. he always used to try harder. if he tried harder, it wouldn't mean he was regressing back to his old ways. he could have tried in a MATURE FASHION. once he knew about blair's pact and knew that she WASN'T going to be happy, that she was only doing it for him, then he should have stopped the stupid wedding, sat blair down and told her that she's insane. but no, he's just standing there. letting the PTSD-girl make the decisions. i do not understand this show any more.
i hate the writers who wrote this entire, horrid storyline JUST so they could write their stupid royal wedding and their version of the Runaway Bride. it's disgusting. and contrived.