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Death and All His Friends

I love this show to death. It is definitely one of the only reasons I watch TV. But in the case of the season finale, I agree with most: It was simply too much. It became a bit unrealistic when the shooter "somehow" finds his way to the one OR Derek is being operated on! Its a pretty big hospital and considering he just shot dozens of people including Derek (whom he shot and could only assume was dead already) and was then on to find Lexie and Webber, it amazes me how he walks in and recognizes Derek on the table!!! Its a big drastic, dont you think? Meredith losing the baby in the end was just too awful. Meredith should have told Derek about the baby before she lost it. The whole episode just played to intensely with emotions. Highs and lows of all kinds. It only makes me wonder, how they are going to up this finale next season? Its a brilliant show and Ill never stop watching it.