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Y'all are right about Christina only losing one fallopian tube in her pregnancy earlier in GA history. Honestly (and I may be hated for this..) I am not really a fan of Owen's character or even Teddy for that matter. In the beginning of their characters' story lines, they were introduced as tough soldiers. But as the show goes on they begin turning into the more mushy and softer characters. I mean Meredith and Christina are way more hardcore than Teddy. And yes, Owen was warned by Christina that she didn't want a child. He shouldn't have committed to being her husband who is supposed to respect her dreams and ambitions if he couldn't handle it. Honestly I never really wanted to see Christina have children. She's such a strong character that writing a child into the script would throw everything that makes up Christina off balance. I loved this episode. They always torture me by keeping me hanging on and yearning for the premiere. During this season I also noticed them taming the Merder drama WAY down. So it was refreshing and heartbreaking to see it end like that. Sometimes I think Derricks character shuts down too easily and gives up. But it is his character, no matter how frustrating. I too am waiting EAGERLY for Mark and Lex to get back together. They belong together. I love Avery and all but I think Lexi needs an older, "wiser" male opposite. I feel it compliments her character much more.. I'm SO ready for season 8!

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