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The CW: Save Which Show?

i honestly think that nikita should be saved and given a chance, it deserves much more rating than what it gets, its action, drama and comedy all in one and its just a unique show that personally i think would suit everyones taste and im sure if everyone just stopped for a minute and watched at least one episode you'll love it !


so this is like the weirdest thing ever but when esther died i thought she took away the vampire in rebekah and gave her her witch powers :/


i highly doubt that she'll end up with either one of them otherwise it wouldnt be an option,to be honest i think that the relationship between stefen and elena is only going to be like a brotherly and sisterly relationship and if thats the case then thats the only shot delena have but even then i really couldnt see delena in an actual relationship where they kiss and hug and say they love it each other it feels awkward just thinking about it eghh!

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