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I did love the episode, it was a good tribute to Mike's character although I thought that it was quite dry. Susan showed no emotion in the episode before the funeral started, I mean her husband has just died and she has no problem whatsoever in picking out his coffin and so on. I think of the path chosen in which to deal with grief over Mike's death was a bad one. The episode was moving, I do admit that I cried all through it but still, they could've done much more of it. Also Carlos saying his best friend had just died and him being so okay with it?
I get that Bree is all smiles and not showing emotion but that was not played out well in relation to the fact that her friend had just passed away. Julie and Gabby were also in no way grieving over Mike's unfortunate death.
Mike was my favorite husband on Wisteria Lane along with Tom. I am very sad to see Mike go. I also hate the fact that Lynette and Tom are apart and Jane is the picture. Desperate housewives could end with a happy ending for all the housewives except Susan. I have a feeling that Desperate housewives will end its show with a sad ending.


I think the murderer is Katherine, she's been gone for a while and she always seem to come back with a big comeback. She definitely has her own plan for killing Klaus and the originals.
However, Katherine isn't responsible for all the killings, Dr. Meredith has something to do them, Dr. Meredith is the one who killed her ex-psycho boyfriend. I think that Meredith might be working with Katherine. Dr. Meredith, as a newcomer, seems to know a lot about Mystic falls and its secrets of vampires, ware-wolves, doppelgängers and witches. It could be that Katherine gave her all the insight and is giving her specific missions and rules to follow.

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