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One Tree Hill Review: What Comes Next?

I hope this show ends this season. It obviously hasn't been the same since season 4, but it hasn't been completely awful either. I would just like to see it end on some kind of a high note. This season has been really blah and crazy. Since when did it have to go out of control? The whole Clay and Quinn thing? Worst storyline by far.


I hope they do cast her, but I like the idea of not seeing her as well Lol Hopefully if we get to meet her, they can try to redeem her character.

Smallville Photo Gallery: "Homecoming"

But I can't wait for this episode haha

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New Serena Spoiler (Spoilers)

OH MY GOD! No more Serena and Dan storyline. The writers totally ruined them! They were adorable first season, but after the 545th break up. I prefer their friendship rather than a relationship between the two. I honestly don't care who serena dates since she usually has chemistry with them. Except with that douchecanoe Aaron. He was just awful.

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