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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 139

Blake: Grats, Leighton! I heard you were going to be in the new OMFG Campaign posters. I'm so jealous!
Leighton: ... Just what did you hear about the campaign?
Blake: That it was going to rival The Vampire Diaries "Catch VD" campaign. I heard the poster was going to say, "Watch Gossip Girl. Enjoy your BJ." And you were the main focus on the poster.
Leighton: ... You haven't heard who else is in it?
Blake: Isn't it you and Jack? I mean, I know you and Chuck were supposed to be endgame, but they're already flirting with Dair and you have great chemistry with Desmond Harrington. And everyone was wondering about the two of since season 2 and New Year's.
Leighton: Jack isn't the J in the BJ, Blake. I'll give you a clue on who the J is. Tim Gunn doesn't like it, it's a raccoon, its knowledge of geography sucks, and it makes me want to die.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 139

@ GossipGleek- thank you! I've just started watching The Vampire Diaries and Damon Salvatore is undoubtedly my favorite character. I'd totally die for him too :)

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 139

Gossip Girl: Rise and shine, Upper East Siders! Gossip Girl here and I've got sizzling news to share: S and B are fighting over a guy again.
Serena: Darena!
Blair: Dair!
Serena: Darena is DeStiny!
Blair: Dare to Dair! Dair has flare!
Gossip Girl: Move over, Nate. You're no longer the only guy that came between these two BFF's.
Serena: Damon is my soulmate. He wants a good girl that he can devote his immortal lifetime to saving. Plus, I have dopplegangers! Or at least girls who always pretend to be me.
Blair: Ha! Damon already has that Elena chick that he has to spend his time protecting and she's already a doppleganger. He needs a conniving schemer to spend his lifetime with. Damon needs someone who can get down and dirty with him!
Gossip Girl: Silly Upper East Siders. You didn't really think Lonely Boy was the "Da" in Darena and Dair, did you? And, unlike Lonely Boy, I hear Damon Salvatore is worth dying for. XOXO- Gossip Girl. * Changed the beginning so it flows better