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Overall, in most ways- this is my favorite episode this season thus far. It certainely makes me wonder what is coming next. I find myself conflicted over the Torie storyline. On the one hand, it is intriguing to explore what Torie will go through as a female beast. Yet, I find this storyline to be gratuitous. I see no real long term reason for having this storyline other than to show Vincent and Catherine what they could expect should they ever decide to have some little beasties running around.

I am a devoted fan of the show and am quite happy to see the show take off this season. No one loves Vincat more than me.... but I think for the time being that Gabe and Cat develop a closer connection. I think that it is time that Vincent start to remember how deeply he FELT about Cat. One of the most emotionally wrought scenes was the subway scene after Evan dies- when Vincent said he couldn't live without her. This is what is missing so far.... time to start to redevelop this part of the relationship.

So bring on jealous Vincent..... especially since I think that Torie will manipulate and use Vincent to her advantage once she start to "feel her oats". And sperm donor daddy must die... and die badly. :)


I continue to be a huge fan of the show. I like all of the ation. And thank god there is no stupid or awkward dialogue. I am currently having a hard time connecting emotionally with Vincent and Cat. There is much more warmth between Gabe and Cat. It seems more real because it is based on past events. I do believe that Gabe has ulterior motives and Cat will regret her trust.

Currently, Jt and Tess are under utilized. Their characters are smart and could do so much more. When will they start getting suspicious of Agent Reynolds? When are we going to start getting answers like why was Cat's mom killed? Who ordered Cat's father to be killed?

And now that Vincent has this seemingly endless supply of honesty- IF Vincent finds out before Cat that Agent Reynolds is his handler/resident torturer and inventer of his animal side- WILL he tell Cat the truth or will he hide it from her again?

Lastly, am I the only one who has noticed- that no matter what scene Jay Ryan is in .... that he always has his hands stuffed in his jacket or pants pockets? None of the other male characters do this... it almost like Jay doesn't know what to do with his phyisicality in a scene...


This season has proven to be consistant with the writing. I am of two minds currently about Catherine. I understand in a way why Cat feels the way she does and why she had to step back and away from Vincent for now. The emotional toll it has taken on Cat has reached its saturation point for now. She needs to step away from Vincent and get a handle on her own life. I jsut wish she had handled the last scene with Vincent differently. She should've said now is not a good time. And said then she was tired of everything..... So, I am left wondering.... is Gabe interested in Cat or is he sort of flirting with Tess? He is too fine to be alone..... Finally, the writers better be super carefull about the Tori character. It may turn viewers off if they pull a stunt like the idiot "Red" storyline. What we all want to see is the progression of the sexy, hot love story that is VinCat. This is what is the focus of the story.