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South Park Review: "You're Getting Old"

Regardless of whether or not this really is the beginning of the end or not, all the people pleading for this not to be the end are ignoring the fact that analyzing the world and taking it to task (especially comedically) is a grueling endeavor. Their success and longevity means that more and more they run the risk of turning their show into reheated shit, and they're one of the few series with the balls to be so honest with themselves and the audience. Truth is, people grow up. They grow apart from people or even their own ideas; and if they spend too much time looking for stuff to rip on, they run the risk of becoming cynical assholes who alienate themselves from the world. (sound familiar) While not solely responsible, how much of the generation that came of age during the show's run ended up growing into that very archetype, spending the last decade in front of a monitor extolling viewpoints every bit as jaded? Everybody's got their limit to which they can no longer see the world as shit, at which point they either change things up or kill themselves.(not always necessarily literally)