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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

I just watched this episode and I am dissapointed. I hate how Chuck and Blair come up with weird reasons not to be toghether. Am I the only one here who thinks that their so-called pact is STUPID? I hope things will get better untill the end of the season. 

I hate Bart Bass, and i feel  very sorry about Chuck. He became a good guy.

I used to like Serena and Dan, but now I hate what he became. Dan is so selfish and mean... I was shocked by what he said in the end: I'm writing the Serena chapter... that's cruel. I don't know if he deserves serena anymore. 

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GG FINALE!! Hopes and Predictions

We KNOW Derena is closing out the show with a grand wedding


We KNOW Chair are married with a son

You know? I hope you are right! I would love this!!

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