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Grey's Anatomy Review: We've Got Males!

I did not like the epp without the girls. Who cares about all the men's issues. Derrek himself said they prefer not to talk about it. Thank goodness Calzona out for a bit. I hate April and wish an ambulance would drive over her soon.

Ellen Pompeo Open to Grey's Anatomy Return

I will no longer watch if Christina goes. Mer can cope without Derek if she has Christina but, she will never cope without Christina. I have stayed loyal the past season, the worst yet, but when Chris goes I will have to go 2. Busy watching from beginning, S05e20, and I must say it is sad to see how great the show was and how the last season was circling the drain. Can only hope this season will be as entertaining as seasons 1 to 5. 6 was also dissapointing but one could still watch but 7! Least said about it the better.