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i just want to say... now G.G seem like predictable to me. m chair fan btw... and hard to say this... i think chuck will die at the end of the story... i will not to give the reason why... but i hope u watching back season 5 from episode 1 till now... dun get me wrong this is just my view... but i really hope m wrong... coz i really want to see blair n chuck get the happy ending together.

Gossip Girl Round Table: "G.G."

I remember when she said to chuck that she want to be Blair Waldorf 1st b4 to be Chuck Bass girlfriend. Why suddenly the ambition gone.... for whatever reason ... I dun care anymore. But after 100 episode I can see and I hope for so much fun excitement and a bit thrill and havoc. I love and big fan of Chair.... And I hope they will find their way back together again soon but not too soon... I like challenging. Love without challenging is boring n dull. I want to recognize Chair as THE LEGEND Of EVIL LOVE STORY.... After all... it will tears of joy when we look back how they've been trough to find their way back togather. And also I want a strong story line for Serena and Nate. And for Georgina I love to see her back as gg or whatever..... Can't wait for the most bitches is back! Now

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