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90210 Round Table: "Holiday Madness"

'S' how can not like Silver's look?? I personally think that hairstyle suits her and she has a great sense of style. I actually think shes the hottest 1 out of the bunch. The thing i'm most excited for is the Silver & Navid thing. Annie & Liam are sooo boring and how could she do that to Charlie? He was sucha nice guy. She's starting to get on my nerves that Annie.

90210 in 2011: More Nilver Action Ahead!

Can i just say that Silver is 1 hot chick! Love her whole look, shes gorgeous!
How can you not be a fan on Team Nilver. They rock! As for Annie and Liam, they bore me. I liked her better with Charlie. His a nice guy.
I cannot wait for next year im sooo excited to see whats going to happen between Silver and Navid. Jan 24th GET HERE ALREADY!!!


Definitely Silver! I cannot wait for them to hit things off. I'm sooo excited. Navid is a nice guy and he doesn't deserve some self-absorbed bitch. Silver is more suited for him. Team Nilver Yeeaaah!