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So confused! (Episodes)

I'm not sure if your relgious or not but 40 is a big number in the bible. 40 days of wondering in the desert, 40 days of rain, 40 years till Gods people reached the promise land. So the day's counting is just a meaning for something. I'm not sure what but I think it's a big clue

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Grey's to end with Season 7? (Spoilers)

Well if you remember wayyyyy back to season 1 episode 1. Cheif saying that you will spend the next 7 years of your life here. So you just gotta assume that things will end after season 7?

Has anybody else been watching reruns on lifetime? Like when I rewatch it I'm seeing things that I missed the first time and now it's all starting to click together.

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season 8? (Spoilers)

I don't know It's gonna be tough to wrap everything in.

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