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Selfie Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

I watched for Karen Gillan, as she is an amazing actress. I thought the materials was rather shallow but she managed to elevate the character of Eliza to someone likeable, despite her obsession with social media. The little scene with the receptionist and her son really did a lot to redeem Eliza. I don't see this lasting long but I'm willing to give the next episode a shot.

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I never doubted Rick, and I was getting very annoyed at Kate and Espo (but more at Kate - why would you agree to marry a man you didn't trust absolutely?). Kate needed to have faith in Rick. She did pretty well, but I was ready for her to let Espo have it and she never did.
My fave moment was when Espo brought Kate the coffee and she thought it was Rick. Such a poignant, beautifully done scene.
And yes, we need a wedding SOONER rather than LATER. I hated seeing Kate's mother's gown getting ruined in the spray from the fire-hose. I loved the helpfulness of the Hamptons' cop ("not long the way I'm going to drive" was the BEST line).

Shelly gage

With Simmons dead, there's no one left to pay the bounty so there's no point in the criminal element continuing. Besides, I'm willing to believe that Elias took care of making that bounty hands off.

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