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NCIS Review: The True Meaning of Family

Pauley actually tweeted last night that she used to date Daniel, and encouraged him to go out for the role. I loved that his character was running an animal rescue shelter. They not only looked alike but were obviously a lot alike personality-wise as well, which is believable to me (I did a family paper once about my great-grandmother, who died years before I was born, and found that she and I had many traits in common). I hope we'll see the character back in future episodes.

Necessary Roughness Review: Breaking the Curse

I'm glad JD's gone. I like Dani with Matt but I like her with Nico even more.


I don't like the Baylor case arching plot. I realize this is the last season of the show but I much prefer the idea of Brenda making a decision to leave on her own rather than being forced out, which is what all this seems to be leading to. I also don't find it consistent with her character to a) regret her handling of Baylor or b) wish she worked somewhere else. Solving cases has always been Brenda's great passion. If she's going to leave, let it be because she's decided, for once, to put Fritz's needs ahead of her own. I could respect that (and unless she manages to do that from time to time, I can't see their marriage lasting; he is always making sacrifices for her and it's time she did the same for him).

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