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Kat in Alaric's apartment will be so weird...maybe she'll console him about Jenna and they'll fall in love but wait, she was the one who caused her to be turned. Maybe he'll torture her instead...lol by shooting her over and over from outside the door and maybe set the house on fire with her in it

Caroline now knows her mom is in the loop. What will she do?
I'm thinking she has to move out and move in with Helena or Stefan but it will be interesting to see what is going to happen to their relationships (Mom, Caroline, and Matt) since they all live among each other and knowing what they know.

Jeremy and Bonnie are pretty cute together, no?
I never thought so because Bonnie is all powerful and popular but they have her dating a little boy and a loner in her HS. It diminishes her character. She needs a college guy to woe her and take care of her like she takes care of that whole freaking town


My prediction about Damon is that he will be a hybrid somehow cause they need someone as powerful as Klaus in their clique to help fight what's coming or almost as powerful cause you know hybrid or not Klaus is the first and strongest of them all

Making him human doesn't make sense to me because it will be as useful as letting him die because Damon is as bad ass vampire as they come. I can actually imagine him drinking Caroline and kill himself in order to become a vampire again. I don't see staying human and giving up being a vampire