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1) My favorite scene was the last one with Meredith and Derek. I thought for sure that he was going to get all pissy with Mer again but really liked it when she asked him if he wanted her to leave him alone and he said no.
2) General surgery or maybe research. Not neuro.
3) Unless one of the two characters changes totally, Crowen is done and I for one would be glad. I have never liked Owen, he is way too hot and cold.
4) Don't care who but hope it's April and he knocks her up.
5) I would like to see more surgeon Callie and less Calzona.

Grey's Anatomy Review: Crossing The Line

There is no justification for a married person to cheat on their spouse, end of story. Please stop justifying Owen's cheating because Cristina had an abortion. If he didn't approve, he shouldn't have gone with her to support her and just left her then, instead of blaming her for everything. And oh, by the way, for all of the people who blame Cristina for not using birth control, the only birth control that is 100% effective is abstinance. That obviously didn't happen. I have never liked Owen or anything surrounding him. If he was hurt, if it hurts so much to love someone, you leave.

Grey's Anatomy Review: Burning Love

Also loved the fact that both daddies are trying to relate to the culture of their children. Every woman watching TV knew the issue was Zola's hair, I laughed so loud when Bailey finally called Derek out on it. Then he gets Bailey to help him learn how to brush her hair. Loved it! I didn't like the Owen/Cristina storyline. I don't like Cristina being all stalker about Owen cheating. Who cares if he does? He's getting on my nerves, along with Teddy. Adele and Richard are heartbreaking, especially at the end when she said she needed to move into the nursing home.