i am absolutley in love with greys. i think it is honestly the best show on tv. I have a soft spot in my heart for Alex Karev. =]
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Does anyone else find it a little weird that Izzie is holding Georges hand, when you can clearly see that the person (george) is laying in a hospital bed. If someone were to die they wouldnt put them back in a bed like that, does it mean possibly that George will make it, and then have to have more surgeries, and will pass in one of those? Idk just a thought


They began to call George 007 in the first epi of the 1st season when he nearly killed a guy. 007 license to kill.


They began to call George 007 in the first epi of the 1st season when he nearly killed a guy. 007 license to kill.

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~*~ABC's of Grey's Anatomy~*~

Alexandra Caroline Grey

Begin the Begin 2.13


Dempsey challenge  - have you donated or passed the info on to someone who might want to help? 

Eugene Foote - Burke's musical idol

Fear - leaning into the fear to get a happy ending...

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer (Episode 2.12)

Humpty Dumpty surgery

I'm going to Denver! (mark sloann at joes)

Jilted at the alter by Burke

Kick your ass every step of the way (what Mer threatens to do to Cristina if she doesn't go down the aisle)

LVAD wire

"My $400-dollar-an-hour shrink says it’s because behind this rugged and confident exterior, I'm self-loathing and self-destructive to an almost pathological degree." - Mark- Yesterday 2.17

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~*~ABC's of Grey's Anatomy~*~

Ambitious interns

Blondie - what Charlie (aka Really Old Guy) liked to call Izzie   (Oh, love that too!)

Crappy babies (this was one of my favorite scenes of all times!)

Dead characters in the hallways of the hospital (Denny, Dylan, Bonnie, sniff..sniff..George)

Enema (wat cristina had to give to steve mer's one night standd. oh mer)

Fight that really wasn't - Callie and Izzie in the cafeteria

Ghost (Denny) in McDreamy's perfect hair...


Justin Chambers

Keep Breathing - Ingrid Michaelson, season 3 finale...that song is so powerful

Life-threatening conditions

"More Kissing, I say!"  Derek to Meredith First cut is the Deepest.

Nobody holds a scapel till i am so happy i am mary freakin poppins(bialey to the 5 interns)

Oh  (Sandra)

People are better then no people. (alex in elevator love letter)

Quiet ( what Mer, Alex, George, and Cristina should not have been when Izzie was going through her first surgery)

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how many seasons the grey's anatomy will have ? (Spoilers)

I thought in that Katherine Heigl interview with David Letterman, she said that they were signed on for another 3 seasons?


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