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Gossip Girl Review: Tag Teams and Takedowns

What a way to reclaim its past glory, Gossip Girl. This was what the fans needed! Brilliant episode.
And seeing the next episode promo, I am so totally sure that Jenny is Gossip Girl. Reasons:
1) Last week either Auseillo or E online said that a major clue as to GG's entry was let out during the thanksgiving episode. The only one thing that stood out to me was Rufus getting to know via Jenny from London that S and D are dating again.
2) Dan was protecting someone, and who else would that someone be but Jenny?
3) Momsen and Paolo make their cameos next week, so it sort of makes sense. Either this, or Rufus Humphrey is Gossip Girl. Which, honestly, would be so epic I won't know how to process it!

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Who Will Die?!

Okay, so clearly if Bart dies by falling off of a building, who dies in the plane crash? This just means that these two spoilers are unrelated, right? There are so many red-herrings around the finale. I have no idea what will happen. Someone kill Sage? I don't like her. At. All.


Um why are people being quick to judge Ezra? I mean, isnt it common knowledge that he comes from a very wealthy family? His mum might have helped him and he could not tell Aria because he doesn't want her to worry or his patriarchal notion of a man must provide kicked in. I really hope my theory is right, because otherwise if he turns out to be part of A, wow. It is going to shock and disturb me.