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Teddy will of course be sad at the loss of Henry and I think she may be angry with Owen, but those are both obvious reactions and there is always a twist. I think the small twist will be that Yang will be angry with Teddy and maybe even Owen, Lexie and Richard for letting her operate with no knowledge of who she was operating on. I think she may even say she wants no more lessons/mentoring from Teddy. Especially because Teddy has spent the entire first half of this season trying to teach her NOT to be a machine, and then she uses her as a machine to fix her husband! But we will see... Oh and not to be rude, but all the networks take a break from their prime time shows at the holidays - this happens every year on every network. I am anxious for the next episode in January as well (especially on Private Practice) but it is still just a TV show people... Go live your lives and enjoy the holidays! :o)

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