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Sounds great. Can't wait!


I think it will either be April, Lexie, or Christina. Most likely April.


The PTC is the stupidest organization ever! I'd love to be "sexualized" by Most of the Glee guys and the Vampire Diaries guys! I'm sure the "parents" that write about how awful these shows are have never had sex. Right winged conservative freaks, is all of what I see when I read their articles online.

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Start me up sneak peeks!!!!! (Spoilers)

I think I am the only one hoping that Callie is pregnant! I still don't think MerDer will get a baby until season 8.

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Start Me Up (Episodes)

Please, please DO let Callie be pregnant!

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Top Ten Grey's Anatomy Characters! (Relationships)

I have certain personality traits that each one of theses characters possess. If you were to mix all 10 of these characters togehter...you get ME.

1. Meredith

2. George

3. Arizona

4. Izzie

5. Christina

6. Bailey

7. Callie

8. Alex

9. Sidney

10. April

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