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NCIS Review: You Are Not Alone

A great vehicle for Ziva, and while I've always been a big fan of Eli - not sure there was much more that could be done to develop his character beyond the fate that had been written for him. Some great character moments in the episode - and while I agree that there are a few inconsistencies, like Ziva being buring her father, with no sign of any protection for a US federal agent, it only very slightly detracts from what has been the best episode on the show since Engaged Part I.

Arrow Review: It's My Party

Felicity must know already. A girl that smart that she can access another company's acqusition records to trace Dark Archer's custom arrows, and breaking military-grade encryption on a security fob, but can't see through Ollie's BS! I'm just waiting for a scene where Ollie next tries to enlist her help and she turns around and says: "Sure, I can look into it, but I'll need to come up with a better name for you than, 'The Hood Guy'". While the island scenes might not hold a lot of tension, I'd like to see how Ollie makes the journey to where he is now - and seeing more of Deathstroke in the island is no bad thing. Good to see Diggle getting screen time - interesting to see how his relationship with Carly develops, and what about seeing her son as well. Good dynamic for a future story there.

Arrow Review: The Dark Archer

Agreed Sa'ad702. That would be a poor direction for Arrow to go down. I'm sure (and I hope) there is more to come from Well Dressed Man - and we're seeing different layers peeled back with each appearance, so even if he does meet his ultimate fate, I get the sense it won't be for a while yet. I see what you mean about Moira, but I think the her changing face is actually a sign of the conflict she's under - and even when we saw the cold and calculating aspect in episode 1, seeing Oliver back, and the impact of the choices she is making is playing a part in the conflict.

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