I'm an eighteen year old girl from Norway.

I am addicted to GA. We have only reached season five in Norway, but I am watching season six online on ch131. God bless ch131!!! =)

Other than GA I like to watch Criminal Minds, FRIENDS, Home and Away, Gossip Girl +++ :)

My favorite pairing on GA are:




Lexie/George - until he died of course :(

Denny/Izzie - not ghost version though!!


Can't wait for GA to return :)

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YES!!! Finally!! This is the best news I've had all week!!
For the first time in my life I will THANK CBS for being able to admit and fix their mistakes, and for finally listening to the fans :)

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 157

Looks like Lonely Boy can't be called Lonely Boy anymore, this guy switches girlfriend more often than V says something hypocritical. Speaking of, V, Lonely Boy's got a letter from her it seems. I'm sure he'll just throw it away, not even Lonely Boy is that desperate. Better luck next time, V! xoxo Gossip Girl


I love Jessica, but Vanessa is not one of my favorites, thouugh I won't ho as far as saying I hated her.