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Criminal Minds Review: Pawns and Eyelids

I think that The Replicator is going to be Jason Gideon. The markings are on the wall. He used to play chess with his pupil Reid a lot and considering Zugzwang is a chessterm and Reid was the first to get the call. Who says the girl that killed Reids girlfriend wasn't manipulated either. And on top of that didn't Frank Breitkopf had a conversation with Gideon about them being much alike. Only that Gideon set his mind on catching the purps rather than to be one. I think it's no coincedence that they bring the origin point of the Replicator back to the Gideon days......Think on that for a second;)

Person of Interest Review: Fairly Lethal

Normally I'm a man of many words. Wow!