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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 244

Slightly out of earshot from Mark Sloan
Callie: There is a reason why I am ignoring you! There is reason for me not wanting you around, its one that I almost guarantee will have walking right out that door again! Arizona: Nothing, Nothing Will! Because I love you no matter what! Callie: I'm pregnant!!! Now will you stick with me? Arizona: Whose the father? Callie looks at Mark Sloan
Mark: What! I am sided with Callie on this one! Arizona: Of Course you are - dude, you don't even realize what you have done! Mark: What I have done, I was only trying to comfort my friend! Arizona: Well you know she is PREGNANT with your child Mark! Mark: Oh! shoot. This is going to change everything for me and Lexie, I better go talk to her. Callie: You see Arizona, your mad he is mad, and well I still hate you!