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I look at it this way a couple episodes before they find out skidders were once human so now I guess all the kids that are harnessed are going to be skidders, and then if Ben could located the aliens I would think then that the aliens knew where the people were all along and then at the end when the harnessed girls said something to the fact that the aliens didn't expect resistance can't say there was much of that at all in the show and that if tom didn't go with them they would call ben back to them that tells you that the aliens knew where the boys were at all times,and to try and negotiate with the aliens would be like trying to negotiate with Obama, won't happen. I think Tom should had taken one of the armour piercring bullets and put it through the aliens head now that I would call resistance and with all the metal they have been collecting I can only imagine next season the humans will be helping the aliens repair thier ship so they can go back home. I sure hope the new writters can come up with a better script, because this one sucks.

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