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Bones Review: Outbreak

I loved this episode and with both Zac and Vincent being "killed" off the show during it's 8 year run so far I wasn't entirely sure they wouldn't have killed off Arastoo. So glad they didn't he's my second favorite squint

Bones Review: The Secret Is In The Sauce

So I think there is a hit and miss element of Bones since season 7 but I don’t think this episode was all that bad.
One of things I love about Bones is the people relationship and sometimes for me I don’t even care about the murder if the character interaction is good enough
I do think that Brennan’s reluctance to believe that Christine bit another kid is totally in character with her and the way she perceives her daughter, way above average or normal (remember the patty-cake episode?). She’s already shown that she believes that Christine should be ahead of the game in everything so I didn’t think twice about her thinking Christine couldn’t bite anyone and then using every means she could to prove it wasn’t her. Booth already having a son realizes these things and just lets Brennan make the same discovery (for the most part) on her own I don’t have a kid but know plenty that do and having a third party objective I’ve have had to listen to stories about how great and perfect their child is (especially the first one) and how they do no wrong so to me it wasn’t “beyond believe� that Brennan would behave this way
That being said I think it’s funny that with most TV shows the characters usually go from being stiff to loosening up and being more relaxed the writers and actors are trying to discover how to play the character and over time they get a grove going but for some reason the longer Bones is on the air the more stiff and straight the character of Brennan becomes. The first season she loose and light and laughed but as the seasons progressed she lost that and has become almost robotic in nature

Bones Review: Blood Diamond

Well… this was hands down my favorite episode this season! It reminded me of episodes from season 3 through 5 when I though Bones was at its peak. It was plain and simply a "crimedy" episode and I haven't laughed this much on one episode since probably season 6. It had just what I needed a murder, an investigation, lab work, plenty of humor and a great tender moment between Booth and Brennan at the end. I didn’t see any awkward forced moments or any moral hidden agenda. And I love seeing Caroline in any episode