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Emmy Preview: Outstanding Comedy Series

Big Bang THeory is the funniest hands down. The ensemble is amazing, the writing is right on..
It should win.
I love Tina Fey but can't stand Baldwin or Stacy.

Emmy Preview: Lead Actor in a Drama

hall is very convincing as a serial killer who is conflicted. he deserves a nod. dont know the others very much or at all.. I refuse to watch breaking bad.. for the reasons I stated before. Will not promote making or distributing drugs..

Emmy Preview: Lead Actress in a Drama

some of these I know! finally. I love Kathy Bates.. she is stellar in everything she does. I love her show. I also think that Juliana Marguiles is a top runner. She is very very good. Glenn Close and Claire Danes are in shows I do not watch but they are phenomenal actresses. Don't know Michelle or Elizabeth.
This category is full of amazing women.