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Guilty Pleasures

Santana: Hugging dolls are so much better then the real thing. My skin burns when I touch someone in comfort.

Glee Review: Bye, Bye, Bye, Brody

okay love the fight with finn/brody....santana---awesome....i agree santana was what this season had been missing. The whole Ryder with the internet chick thing. At first I thought it was Unique creating a fake profile because she knew Ryder would never go for her. Now I'm thinking this "katie" girl is going to be something out of Dateline.


agree fully....i was listening to it and was like wth?...love the first one...i love when lea does heartfelt songs e.i. Papa can you hear me, don't cry for me argentina (i know its a duo but i love her version better)
second one...dear lord... they seem like episodes from the regular everyday singing in the classroom instead of regionals songs...well actually the second one is just kind of ridiculous in a tv music special kind of way and i don't think its glee...but i can TOTALLY see rachel with her "rachel smile" cheesing it to that song...

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