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I really dug this episode, I like that it had that intrigue of figuring out the depths of new characters powers and how they would use them.


I think just like most everything else. It's not an exact science figuring out ratings and such. I know that I do not watch the episode as soon as it comes on. I DVR it so that I can watch it at least 30 mins after it starts so that I can watch it commercial free.
I love the show, yeah sure I wish that my man had his powers back, and that every episode revolved around him... but if I got everything I wanted hahah the world would be WAY different. So this whole post is bascially me saying that if all the fans would just sit and watch it will keep on going.

Heroes Producers Tease Volume Four Storylines

“Will Claire ever have to deal with her own immortality - the possibility she may never grow old or have to watch her loved ones die? It seems to me at least Angela should talk to Claire about it - her experience with Adam and all? It seems to be the Elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. Or perhaps Noah and Angela are in denial.� Claire will have this talk in the last chapter of “Fugitives.� With the only person alive who can relate. Yes. Him. Again HOLY S*** Are they saying that Peter is not going to get his abilities back... I mean if they are referring to Sylar being the person she speaks to... Or does it mean that one of them die /cry

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I Am Sylar

Humm So if they are talking about Hiro coming back next season it's obvious its not him. And if Grunny is talking about his character sorta causing the death than its not him. Soo that leaves Nathan (which is the obvious choice), HRG (omg I cant even imagine, but would be a huge surprise), Peter... yeah better be no way, Ando (unlikely and not any real reason), Mohinder (if i had a wishlist, but again not any real reason), and finally Micah (who wants to kill of the little cute kid when we all know Ali is coming back). So really Im not all that sure. They are setting us up for it to be Nathan, but if they wanted to shock us all it would be HRG.

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Turn and Face the Stranger

OMG fanfrikentastic episode. My husband and I call out predictions and yell "DRINK" whenever we are right. Normally you here a lot of "DRINK" monday nights... but not tonight. We got a couple in there but WOW is all I can say... WOW

I love that Sylar is soooo very bad ass, but seriously I need some more Peter YUMMY!

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Into Asylum

Raptor I really like the way you put the whole... "hes going to have to beat his demons inside for his empathy to restore his abilities"

I loved the episode, it was a little slow, but you have to have a few slow story movers every nowandagain.

I do not think that HRG really believes that Sylar is dead... he doesnt normally get caught off guard, so if he truly doesnt know I bet he finds out soon enough.

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