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Revenge Promo: "Loyalty"

I am hoping that Tyler gets booted out on his butt or does....I hate him....and I am hoping that after all the drama that Emily continues her revenge on those who hurt her father and her.


Ok, I like this series and even some believe it is lackluster and so forth, I actually like Jason O'Mara as Jim Shannon. I did not like his last series, but I feel he fits right in. I look forward to watching this show and I have not done that in a long while, after the fiasco with FlashForward. That show I loved and hated it when it was canceled. Of course, if this gets canceled, then so be it. I might look forward to it and like it, but I will not do like I did with FF. I do not see whatever anyone else is seeing on this show. I like the plot ideas that this show is doing. Go back in time to save humanity, have some intrigue, some politics, back biting and so forth. So, I say again, I like this show.

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